Although we have the experience to handle our clients’ most difficult legal challenges, we believe that our role is also to assist them by minimizing employment problems and the risk of lawsuits before they arise through sound planning, counseling, and training.

We understand the importance of maintaining positive employee relations and a productive work environment. We help clients avoid costly litigation by assisting with the development and implementation of human resources practices, personnel policies, disciplinary procedures, employment agreements, performance evaluations, and union avoidance strategies.

  • Assist employers with managing employee absences, including leaves protected by the FMLA and ADA
  • Advise employers on employment issues, from terminations to policy issues, to minimize the risk of litigation and to ensure that the ultimate decision will be defensible if a legal claim is filed
  • Help employers create effective and defensible policies, such as those concerning drug testing, family and medical leave, arbitration, e-mail retention, and social media usage
  • Work with clients to develop employment contracts, policy and procedure manuals, and executive compensation packages to assure their best protection
  • Advise clients on employee requests for disability accommodations
  • Ensure proper classification of employees and independent contractors


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