Meaningful Experience    
We believe that an associate’s growth is enhanced by client contact and the acceleration of customary associate training methods. In each of our firm’s practice areas, KMK associates garner significant experience very early in their careers because we make it our priority.

Professional Development             
Consistent with our culture of collaboration and camaraderie, young lawyers are encouraged to seek the counsel of firm partners and more senior associates to further their own professional development. Every associate is also provided a mentor whose purpose is to give guidance to the associate and offer insights into the practice of law. In addition, each year the firm provides CLE seminars to its attorneys and also reimburses them for any other CLE or professional development seminars in which they elect to participate.

Personalized Career Paths
We hire associates who we believe will succeed at our firm. We hope to one day elect each new associate as a partner and we strive to provide a work environment that fosters growth. We recognize, however, that not every attorney desires to be on a traditional partnership path. To that end, the firm offers, and a number of its attorneys have chosen to craft, alternative work arrangements. Several of our lawyers were elected to partnership while working part-time or on other alternative work schedules, and most of them continue to pursue such arrangements. Our flexible career paths is just one more way that KMK embraces the importance of inclusion and diversity. We continue to make great strides in the hiring, retention, and advancement of people with diverse backgrounds, and we will continue to offer a work environment that embraces individual differences. 

Competitive Compensation and Benefits
KMK provides a competitive compensation package for its associates. Associates’ base salaries are reviewed annually and adjusted to reflect individual performance and achievement. The firm also rewards associates with an semi-annual bonus program, and offers the following benefits:

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