Our summer associate program is aimed at building upon our diverse-workforce goals through selecting applicants who are well-rounded individuals with exceptional judgment, perception, communication, and personal-relationship skills.

KMK's summer associate program is designed to provide an experience similar to that of our first-year associates. We give our summer associates real projects and meaningful experiences. Doing so not only provides summer associates with valuable training, but also provides opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills to the firm.

We also try to have fun. KMK's summer associate program includes frequent opportunities to interact with KMK attorneys and staff in social settings, including lunches and dinners, Cincinnati Reds games, the firm's annual picnic, and charitable events. Each year the program also includes touring a client's office/facility.

Two KMK partners coordinate the summer associate program, and each summer associate is provided an attorney mentor. Summer associates receive both formal and informal feedback on each assignment, and the firm conducts both mid-summer and end-of-program evaluations.

Each year KMK strives to hire the same number of summer associates that it anticipates hiring as full-time attorneys the following year. Thus, summer associates do not have to compete against one another for offers. This practice is consistent with and enhances the firm’s collegial environment.

Check your law school for information about KMK and our OCI dates. Click here to view more about KMK Law in the NALP Directory.

"My summer experience at KMK was impactful. It was the most meaningful professional experience I had in law school and helped me grow immensely as a future attorney. The projects I was assigned were both practical and challenging, and the attorneys I worked with welcomed me immediately into the firm. Throughout the summer, I felt like I could always approach partners and associates with questions about my work or career path. I am extremely grateful for my experience at KMK.” -- Taylor Beckham, KMK Summer Associate 2019

"The Summer Associate Program at KMK was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my professional career. I was able to take on a variety of projects across several practice areas that were challenging, thought-provoking, and closely mirrored what I would be doing as a young associate. The attorneys I worked with—whether partners or associates—welcomed my questions and provided detailed feedback and advice. The program also included many trainings, networking opportunities, and social events that made the experience even more meaningful. From day one, I felt that KMK was invested in my success and growth. I am grateful for my time at KMK and the relationships that I built." -- Emma Compton, KMK Summer Associate 2019

"My experience as a summer associate at KMK was transformative. Throughout the 10-week program, I worked on numerous projects across multiple practice areas. I worked on challenging, real-life matters and received meaningful feedback from some of the best attorneys in the region. Everyone at the firm – from the first-year associates to the senior partners – went out of their way to answer my questions and share sincere advice. From day one, it was apparent that the firm was genuinely invested in my success. I could not have asked for a better overall experience.” -- Christian Gateskill, KMK Summer Associate 2019

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