KMK's Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Group attorneys perform the following services related to HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance:

  • Advise clients on the HIPAA Privacy, Security Rules, and Breach Notification Rules
  • Perform compliance examinations
  • Draft HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures, including breach notification procedures
  • Review business associate agreements
  • Assist clients and their IT staffs with performing a HIPAA Security Rule Gap Analysis and drafting a compliance security report 


News & Resources


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  • Final Rules on Electronic Filing Requirements | Pre-Deductible Telehealth Coverage Extended | The End (of the Public Health and National Emergency) Is Near
  • Insufficient COBRA Notice Haunts Employer | 2023 Benefit Plan Limits | Plan Provisions in Effect at Time of Benefit Denial Control
  • IRS Extends CARES Act and Relief Act Deadlines | Company Stock Over -Valuation Puts Plan Sponsor and Trustee Under Water | Flagrant Foul by NBA Player Guilty of Defrauding Health Plan
  • What the Hack? Malware Leads to Stiff HIPAA Penalties | Court OKs Actively Managed Investment Options | You Can’t Get Blood from a Turnip – Unless the Plan Documents So Provide
  • Special HSA Rule for Telehealth Services | Reconsidering PTCs and Affordability | COMPLIANCE ALERT: Cycle 3 Restatement Deadline
  • Breathing New Life into Wellness Rulemaking | The Latest from the DOL on Missing Participants
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