Admiralty and maritime law consists of the statutes and case precedents that govern legal disputes originating on navigable waters. These laws are not limited to the transportation of goods or people. They also involve how companies treat their workers, how the workers get paid, or even how their protection is ensured while working on board a vessel. The U.S. Federal courts often have jurisdiction regarding maritime issues and the laws that govern these disputes are unique.

KMK Law’s Admiralty & Maritime attorneys routinely advise clients in a variety of disputes involving the Jones Act, personal injury claims, cargo loss and damage, ship and barge collisions, allisions, vessel groundings, lift boat and jack-up rig accidents, dock damage matters, vessel liens, and sunken barges. We also represent clients in business transactions involving ships, vessel mortgages, and financings of oil and gas exploration equipment.

As a full service law firm, KMK is able to service its Admiralty and Maritime clients across all their legal needs, such as real estate, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, finance, equipment leasing, environmental, employee benefits, labor and employment, and any other legal service a client may have need of.


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