KMK is committed to a culture that promotes equality in the recruitment, retention and advancement of women attorneys at KMK. To encourage and support these objectives, the firm has established the KMK Women's Initiative.

KMK Women's Initiative focuses on ways to help female lawyers become firm leaders, leaders in the community, and effective business developers. Part of our program includes informal mentoring by more experienced attorneys and support circles among the female members of the firm.

Additionally, our Women's Initiative seeks ways to engage with women business leaders and community leaders to network, share experiences, and learn from one another. We support other local women's groups and initiatives and participate in forums to learn best practices for women leaders and engage in thoughtful discourse on how we can best achieve our ultimate goals of attracting, retaining, and advancing our female attorneys. 

While we appreciate the ongoing efforts of our Women's Initiative at all levels and those efforts outside of the firm, we take exceptional pride in the tangible results we are seeing within the firm. Female lawyers are counted among our firm's top leadership as members of the Board of Directors, Practice Group Leaders, and Committee Chairs and we are excited about the continued efforts to recruit talented female law students for summer associate positions and post-graduation employment opportunities.

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Women's Initiative Committee Co-Chairs

Women's Initiative Committee Members

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