In general, the False Claims Act (FCA) provides that whistleblowers, known as relators, may bring lawsuits, called qui tam actions, on behalf of the United States against those who allegedly submit false or fraudulent claims for payment to the government, or to a contractor or subcontractor on a government program. In 1986, the FCA was amended making it easier to seek rewards against those who have submitted false claims against the government for payment. As a result of the monies recovered under the FCA since 1986, many states have also enacted their own false claims legislation.

The FCA is a complicated area, and litigation under FCA can take years to resolve. Our lawyers have substantial experience in the False Claims Act and qui tam area and can help you navigate the FCA minefield. We not only have the ability to craft innovative solutions to challenging FCA issues, but we are also battle-hardened litigators who have the skills and resources to see these cases through to their ultimate conclusion.


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