The Government Affairs Solution Group represents private and public sector clients with decision-makers on the local, state and federal levels of government, capitalizing on our experience and relationships. Through the firm’s subsidiary, KMK Consulting Company LLC areas of subject matter knowledge include: economic development; transportation; housing; real estate; zoning; land use; environmental; permitting; taxation and electric deregulation.

The increasing scope, complexity and significance of government impacts virtually every enterprise. Today's foresighted corporations, associations, professional service firms, and communities need experienced and professional advocates to voice their concerns, apprise them of new and changing trends, and assist them in forming strategic alliances. Government issues can have a profound, and often adverse, impact on all entities and their stakeholders. Our lawyers stay abreast of all current and ongoing government issues so that we can provide solutions to our clients in these areas. 

Our Government Affairs Solutions Group serves as clients' lobbyist on key issues. We believe an informed, aggressive and connected advocate should be a vital part of any business's strategy. We provide the following lobbying services:

  • legislative lobbying which focuses on the activities of the legislative body and impacts legislation and budget issues;
  • executive lobbying which focuses primarily on the office of the chief executive elected official (i.e. president, governor, mayor);
  • agency lobbying which is associated with the regulatory functions and policy decisions of government agencies, divisions and departments; and
  • procurement lobbying which focuses on how to do business with government, usually purchasing goods and services.

Economic and Community Development
We represent companies and communities with the negotiation of various issues in the areas of economic and community development. Many governments offer incentives to companies making investments in land, buildings, and/or created/retained jobs however there is a certain education involved in understanding the process. Our Group helps companies formulate strategies to properly position themselves for acquiring these incentives. Many companies fail to benefit because they lack the knowledge or ability to secure the incentives available. We develop strategies to properly position them for “making the ask.” 

Strategic Representation
We represent clients on issues before local, state and federal governmental bodies. We focus on representing clients with acute issues demanding immediate attention, as well as long term policy matters. Whether companies have an interest in legislation, an issue with a government agency or are attempting to secure a government contract, we are prepared to provide strategic representation. 


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