Webinar: Successfully Navigating Customer and Supplier Bankruptcies During COVID-19

 | 12:00pm EDT

The COVID-19 outbreak is applying pressure on businesses on many fronts. From production issues to product supply and logistics, businesses are facing new challenges; but what happens when a key supplier or customer files for bankruptcy? More than six months into a global pandemic, businesses of all sizes—from start-up companies to Fortune 50 corporations are looking for strategies to mitigate the risk of future business disruptions. KMK Law attorneys Jason Stitt and Stephanie Scott discussed ways to protect your business from the pressure COVID-19 is putting on your clients and customers. Understanding your options is critical for business leaders as you navigate this ever-changing environment.

Did you miss the webinar? The webinar recording and slide deck are available at the bottom of this page.

On this webinar we covered:

• What every business leader should know about solvency issues with clients or suppliers
• Important considerations regarding small business bankruptcies
• How do bankruptcy/solvency issues impact your contracts


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