Day For Crypto - D4C 

Northern Kentucky Convention Center

KMK Law is a co-sponsor of the D4C - Day for Crypto Event to be held on Tuesday, December 12 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. Mark Reuter, Mark Sims and Tom Hankinson will be presenting and/or participating on various panels throughout the day.

This D4C Event is focused on the fast-developing cryptocurrency market and the underlying technology – blockchain.  This learning event will address how to invest, buy, and sell all varieties of cryptocurrency as well as the issues presently driving this market.  This educational conference will address the legislative and regulatory issues that impact the market.  From investing to setting up and crowd-funding a blockchain start-up, it will be covered. 

As cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to grow the impact will be felt in many industries and sectors, including: government, finance, real estate, healthcare and many more.  For example, over the past year the price of one Bitcoin has increased significantly while its share of the $200 billion total crypto market has fallen to about 60% due to the rapid rise of other “alt coins”.

For more information or to register please click here.

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