State laws regarding face masks and openings are constantly changing. Below are resources to review Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana state laws and their corresponding face mask/opening laws. Please consult with your attorney for the latest state and industry specific laws.  

Face Mask Requirements

Ohio Requirement Face coverings required for employers and employees; the guidance lists exceptions. Face coverings are recommended for all people (including clients/customers) who can safely wear them.
Kentucky Requirement Businesses must provide PPE to employees and ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that their employees wear a cloth mask. A business need not require an employee to wear a mask when masking would create a serious health or safety hazard to the employee or when the employee is working alone in an enclosed space. Businesses must ensure that employees whose job duties include touching items often touched by others (e.g., credit cards/cash, paper, computers) wear gloves that are regularly replaced.
Indiana Requirement Businesses should require employees to wear face coverings and should consider requiring customers to wear face coverings


Ohio Responsible Restart Ohio

Sector-Specific Operating Requirements

Stay Safe Ohio Order (4.30.20)

Announcement of Order Reopening Restaurants, Bars and Personal Care Services (5.7.20)

Announcement re: Enforcement Team (5.18.20)

Announcement re: Ohioans Protecting Ohioans Urgent Health Advisory (5.19.20)

Ohioans Protecting Ohioans Advisory (5.21.20)

Director's Order (5.29.20)

Announcement of Reopening Consumer, Retail, Services & Entertainment (6.5.20)


Healthy at Work

Press Release (4.29.20, outlining initial reopening)

Healthy at Work: 10 Rules to Reopening

Minimum Requirements for All Businesses (effective 5.11.20)

Announcement of Phase 2 (5.7.20)

Announcement re: Kentucky State Parks (5.15.20)

Announcement re: Museums, Outdoor Attractions, Libraries, etc. (5.19.20)

Announcement re: Child Care, Auctions, Bars, Event Venues (5.21.20)

Kentucky Healthy at Work Site (Benchmarks, Calendar, All Industry Guidelines, etc.)

Indiana Back On Track Indiana: What's Open, What's Closed

Executive Order 2020-26 (5.1.20, roadmap for reopening businesses)

Press Release (5.7.20), announcement of Phase 2 of reopening)

Executive Order 20-28 (5.21.20, Stage 3 of reopening Indiana)

KMK Law articles and blog posts are intended to bring attention to developments in the law and are not intended as legal advice for any particular client or any particular situation. The laws/regulations and interpretations thereof are evolving and subject to change. Although we will attempt to update articles/blog posts for material changes, the article/post may not reflect changes in laws/regulations or guidance issued after the date the article/post was published. Please consult with counsel of your choice regarding any specific questions you may have.

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