Social media has been described as the most significant change agent in the way the world communicates and transacts business since the Industrial Revolution.  As companies in the United States and around the world adopt social media tools to communicate with consumers, potential consumers, employees, and global audiences once out of reach, there are business risks as well as potential benefits to be considered.

Keating Muething & Klekamp’s Evolving Media & Technology (EMT) Team is comprised of attorneys from multiple disciplines focused on helping business clients strategically adopt emerging technology and communication tools while being mindful of potential legal issues. 

KMK’s EMT Team attorneys work together to help clients safeguard their trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property, protect their companies’ messages and brands, and guard against potential employment and other litigation issues while maximizing the benefits of implementing Web 2.0 interactive communication tools such as blogs, social networking sites, and wikis.  Team members represent the following practice areas: Labor & Employment, Litigation, Business Representation & Transactions, Insurance Coverage & Litigation, and Intellectual Property.

The cross-functional EMT Team serves to:

  • Educate business owners and managers, human resource executives, corporate counsel, and other interested parties about the potential legal and business risks inherent in using Web 2.0 tools and other emerging and evolving technologies.
  • Help clients reduce potential risks by reviewing and revising existing company policies and/or developing new policies to address the ethical, professional, and legal implications that are in play when companies and professional organizations and their employees engage in Web 2.0 activities for communication, hiring, branding, business development, and other purposes.
  • Act as a resource for businesses, industry groups, and other organizations to help educate interested parties about related legal and business issues. 

Our attorneys are well-versed on legal topics related to the business use of emerging media and technologies, including:

      • Potential for discrimination claims when social networking sites are used for recruiting purposes
      • Myriad of other labor and employment issues related to social media use by employers and employees
      • Cyber-risk/network insurance coverage for risks such as copyright infringement, business interruption, and security breaches
      • E-commerce issues, including virtual world commerce (i.e., Second Life)
      • Electronic discovery issues related to social media and other technologies when preparing or searching for evidence in litigation
      • Social media and related privacy policies for employees

KMK’s EMT Team members have been invited to present at a variety of companies, industry and trade organizations, schools, and legal associations, as well as to discuss related topics with the media.  If you have questions or are interested in arranging a presentation for your organization, please contact Mark Chumley or Mike Hurst.


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