Labor Law Movie Reviews

I know what you’re thinking.  The work week is over and I have 24 to 48 hours before Monday morning rolls around.  That is a long time to be away from labor and employment law.   Why not watch a movie with labor and employment law themes to keep you sharp.  You can’t think of any such movies you say?  I’m here to help. 

Periodically, I will post reviews of the surprising number of movies out on DVD that have labor and employment law themes.  As is customary in movie reviews, I will try to let you know what the movie is about without revealing too many “spoilers.”  I will rate the movies in two categories:

  • Labor law content: how prominent is labor and employment law to the overall plot of the movie. 
    * * * * * (The movie is about labor law and nothing else) to * (I think it mentioned labor law at least once).
  • Legal accuracy: how accurate the movie is from a labor and employment law standpoint. 
    * * * * * (Completely accurate) to * (Labor lawyers in car chases, i.e. not accurate).

If you have any particular movies you would like to see reviewed, drop me an e-mail and I will try to comply, time and DVD availability permitting. 



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