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    Mark Chumley has experience representing clients in all aspects of labor and employment law. He has handled numerous cases before state and federal courts and state and federal civil rights agencies, including claims involving ...

In this new podcast episode, recent cases and news from the world of Labor & Employment Law will be discussed, including:

FMLA Retaliation – What constitutes “protected activity” under the FMLA?

Perkins v. City of New York – In this failure to accommodate case, the Court concluded that an ineffective accommodation does not satisfy the requirements of the law.

Davis v. City of Montevallo – Your employee handbook has a solid at-will disclaimer so you can’t get in trouble for a termination – right?

Pregnancy Discrimination – The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act ...

The New Year is here and this episode will consider some trends from 2022 and what to expect in 2023 and beyond.

It’s the holidays and employment lawyers everywhere issue their annual advice about holiday parties.  Here are 9 thoughts for employers considering a holiday party for their employees: 

In honor of Thanksgiving last week, today’s episode will focus on eight things employers do or don’t do that give plaintiffs’ attorneys (attorneys who represent employees against employers) reasons to be thankful. 

A new feature of The Practical Employment Law Podcast will be interviews of guests with insights into employment law, including attorneys, business owners and managers and  just about anyone with something interesting to say.   

Training repayment agreement provisions (TRAPs) are a hot topic lately. These agreements, which may be stand alone or included in a broader employment agreement, require employees who have completed an employer provided training program to reimburse the employer for some or all of the cost of the training if they leave within a certain timeframe.

Today’s episode will consider a couple of controversial topics. First, the CDC recently updated its COVID-19 guidance for the workplace in some surprising ways. Because many employers defaulted to the CDC for workplace guidance and because emotions continue to run high regarding these issues, employers should be aware of the changes.

Noncompete agreements are a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, many employers who have noncompete agreements in place have not taken the time to consider their strategy for enforcement. In this episode, five thoughts about noncompete strategy will be considered, including:

In this new podcast episode, recent cases and news from the world of Labor & Employment Law will be discussed, including

With courts still backed up from COVID shutdowns, mediation is a popular option to resolve litigation. 



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