Posts from June 2019.

The United States Supreme Court recently agreed to hear two ERISA class-action cases next term that were decided by the lower courts in favor of plan participants. First, the Supreme Court agreed to review Retirement Plans Committee of IBM et al. v. Larry W. Jander, an employer stock-drop case from the Second Circuit.  IBM workers claimed that IBM’s Retirement Plans Committee breached its fiduciary duty by allowing workers’ retirement funds to be invested in artificially-inflated IBM stock. The Second Circuit applied the “more harm than good” standard that was set forth ...

The IRS recently announced in Rev. Proc. 2019-25, the following inflation-adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts for 2020:

Heath reimbursement accounts (“HRAs”) have long been subject to various restrictions under the ACA.  However, as of 2020, HRAs may be used to reimburse individual health coverage premiums. This signals a departure from the previous prohibition on integrating HRAs with individual coverage. Employers of all sizes will now be able to offer individual coverage HRAs, although specific notice and procedural requirements apply. The new rules also allow employers to offer “excepted benefit HRAs” to finance other types of medical expenses (for example, copays, deductibles and ...



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