Posts from February 2010.

In the days following the shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, some alarming facts have been discovered by the media about the alleged shooter, Professor Amy Bishop.  In 1986, she shot and killed her brother after a family dispute.  In 1994, she and her husband were questioned in connection with a mail bombing attempt, and in 2003, she was charged with assault for punching a woman at an IHOP restaurant.  This has prompted some talking heads in the media to question the University’s hiring practices. 

In the 1985 classic “Better Off Dead,” John Cusack’s character is given the following advice on downhill skiing: “Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.” 

I am not a huge fan of the comedy-drama genre but I had to make an exception for “In Good Company,” given the premise of the film. 

I am amazed at how often employment litigation is a self inflicted wound for the employer. In an ongoing series, I am going to share some of  the common self-inflicted wounds that I have witnessed and offer some suggestions for avoiding them.

Fox News is reporting that a Florida student has been kicked out of the National Honor Society over a Facebook page that was critical of his high school.  I’m sure this story is far from over and may end up at the courthouse.  For our purposes, it raises the issue of how to address the use of social media in the workplace and outside the workplace.  Do you have a policy that governs this issue?  If you do not, you should consider one. 

An interesting article from notes that:

“Lawsuits over overtime, long a bane of big business, are moving their way down the ladder. More such suits are being filed against small and mid-sized businesses, too.” 



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