Interbrand's Top 100 Global Brands for 2010 Released

Interbrand has just released its annual listing of the Top 100 Global Brands. The full document is viewable here.

The biggest movers – by way of increased value – in this year’s survey include Apple (up 37%), Google (up 36%), and Blackberry (up 34%). The biggest losers this year were Harley-Davidson (down 24%), Toyota (down 16% - thanks, “unintended acceleration”), and Nokia (down 15% - thanks, Apple and Blackberry).

The annual Interbrand rankings, which are perhaps the best known and most well respected of several such annual brand valuations, are worth a full read, particularly Interbrand’s 10 Principals of Strong Brands. These qualities are essential for any brand, whether one of the global mega-brands profiled in the report or a new brand trying to get off the ground. Marketing folks would be wise to keep these principals in mind when developing their brands; not just because it gives you a better shot at inclusion in Interbrand’s well-publicized list, but because adherence to them can only benefit their brands in the long term.


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