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Today, BMW announced that, beginning in June, customers can order its new “M” bicycle.  The bike, which you can see courtesy of Autoblog, is nice enough on the eyes.  But one wonders whether BMW has finally gone too far, indiscriminately slapping its “M” brand on something that is less than true to the “M” heritage.

Those of you following my blog (both of you) may have noticed that I’ve been suffering from a nasty case of writer’s block, as I haven’t posted anything for about 2 months.  Thankfully, I have been cured.  Lindsay Lohan is my muse.

If you are anything like me, while cleaning out your junk drawer this spring you will probably find numerous unused gift cards, given to you by various friends and family members last Christmas, or even on your birthday two years ago.  For me, the initial excitement of getting a gift card or gift certificate quickly leaves the mind once that gift card is stuffed into a drawer.  And if, like me, you often find those cards exactly one day after they “expire,” a new federal law may offer you (and me) some hope.

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