GDPR - 90 Days Later

By Joe Callow of KMK and Wayne Kiphart and Thomas Runge of Gratia, Inc.

It has been a little more than 90 days since G-Day (May 25) and there has been a lot to talk about regarding the implementation of GDPR, including: (1) a significant uptick in the number of complaints filed and data breaches reported in the past several months; (2) a continuing debate regarding “consent” and whether companies like Facebook, Google and others are complying with GDPR’s consent requirements; (3) our first formal warnings for GDPR violation (from CNIL to Teemo, Inc. and Fidzup SAS); (4) an increased use of privacy dashboards and the advent of new privacy monitoring and online privacy tools and sites; and (5) on the brighter side, websites load times are becoming faster and more efficient (when third party tags and user tracking programs are removed). We discussed these issues and many others during a September 25, 2018 Webinar and the presentation materials from the webinar can be accessed by clicking here.

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