DOJ Cyber Incident Guidelines – A Good Read for All Companies Looking to Develop a Cybersecurity Plan

On April 29, the Department of Justice published its “Best Practices for Victim Response and Reporting of Cyber Incidents”, which is an excellent, easy to read summary of steps companies can take to protect against cybersecurity incidents. The Guidelines are separated into three sections: (1) steps to take before a cyber intrusion or attack occurs; (2) how to execute an incident response and plan and respond to a computer intrusion; and (3) “What Not to Do Following a Cyber Incident. The DOJ drafted the Guidelines based on the experience of federal prosecutors who have handled cyber investigations and prosecutions and with input from companies who have managed cyber incidents. The Guidelines are scalable and are developed especially for medium and smaller sized companies. 

Anyone interested in developing a Cybersecurity Plan should review the Guidelines here and create a checklist of the identified best practices.


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