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Our Technology Advantage

KMK consistently and proactively works with clients to develop and implement best practices that add value to our clients' businesses.  Over the years, KMK has made significant investments in leading-edge technology — in some areas we are the only firm in the region with such state-of-the-art programs — that allow us to provide the most effective and efficient services to our clients, and provide cost savings and "green" solutions for the long-run.  Our continual investment in technology allows us to serve clients seamlessly — locally and across the country.

Ahead of the Curve.  KMK is technologically sophisticated, and through our continued efforts to be on the leading edge of technological advances, we are able to provide our clients with top-notch legal services in the most cost-effective manner possible.  We have invested in state-of-the-art document management technology for our clients, and we maintain both intranet as well as extranet capabilities to enhance our ability to serve and communicate with clients.  KMK's investment in technology — rather than in multiple office locations — allows us to serve clients across the country efficiently and effectively at an exceptional value to our clients. 

Big Data.  Big Problems.  Big Costs.  Enter KMK with Big Solutions.  Following the 2006 E-Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, KMK’s leadership committed to embracing the changes associated with e-discovery, and became one of the first law firms in the region to transition a small, legacy litigation support function into a broader full-scale e-discovery services offering to its clients.  This vision and commitment started with the investment in the industry-standard Ringtail® E-Discovery Software On-Premise, equipping KMK to manage traditional paper discovery and complex, large-volume e-discovery in all of its many formats, with the ability to scale to multi-million document record with multi-billion page secure, remotely accessible databases, over the lifecycle of the regulatory investigation, cyber security investigation or civil litigation matter in question.  Rather than be forced to react to one or multiple external e-discovery technology service providers, absent centralized processes and absent competitive pricing, KMK’s Litigation, Labor & Employment and Corporate/Business practice groups rely exclusively on Ringtail to perform Analytics, Electronic Document Review (including Traditional Review, Managed/Contract Attorney Review, TAR/Predictive Coding Review approaches), Searching, Reporting, Deposition Preparation, Trial Preparation, Electronic Document Production, and Coordinated Co-Counsel/Client Access to Shared Single-Matter and Multi-Matter Database Repositories for our public and privately-held corporate clients. By supporting multi-matter database repositories, our institutional clients leverage our litigators’ deeply rooted knowledge base surrounding our clients’ core business and likely litigation data, and our ability to cross-reference the same piece of evidence across multiple matters, when necessary, provides more accurate, faster, and more cost-efficient re-use of the same data/document, particularly when producing to multiple external government entities.

Over time, we recognized the need to expand these service offerings one step further, in an effort to both conquer the ever-increasing Big Data challenge inherent in e-discovery, as well as cut costs the data processing and electronic document review phases of litigation and investigation work on behalf of our clients.  As a result, in 2013, KMK became one of an even smaller number of select few regional law firms engaged in the performing on-site EDD Processing via the investment in iPRO’s Build, OCR, Launcher, eCapture and newly offered Automated Digital Discovery (ADD®) Technology Platform, a business-critical toolkit allowing the ED/LSG the ability to process, cull and offer Early Case Assessment Analytics capabilities on-premise, using a value-added service offering to existing KMK litigation, labor and business clients.  Our investment in the iPRO Platform allows our ED/LSG to provide professional class technology services but with Midwest pricing structures and competitive institutional client cost-savings, including the use of standard budget formats with milestone reporting, and various alternative fee arrangements, where appropriate.

Extranet.  KMK has developed several hundred extranet sites for clients, and we have 60-70 active extranet sites at any given time.  We view extranets as an excellent tool for managing cases, securing efficiencies, and improving communications. 

KMK provides extranets to clients at no additional charge.  This capability enables clients to house documents (including those that may currently be in paper format) online in an easily searchable, electronic format.  KMK’s extranet is a valuable solution for document retention issues, and it provides seamless document-sharing between KMK attorneys and our clients.  It is also a positive step in our clients’ overall waste and materials reduction goals.  Many of our clients (in Litigation, Labor & Employment, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, and other practice areas as well) take full advantage of KMK’s extranet and use it on a daily basis.

Some of the specific services that can be built into customized client extranet sites include:

  • Customized Workspace Templates:  We can create a collaborative organizational structure to track any number of items including collaborative workspaces, issue pages, opposing counsel, financial data, calendar items, task lists, activity logs, arbitrators, and contact information.  We can scan filings, correspondence, and related documents to reduce paper files and can scan and store client documents so our clients can avoid locating and producing the same documents on multiple occasions.
  • Calendar:  We can categorize and prioritize lists of calendar events which will identify important dates.
  • Task Lists:  We can create task lists and assign tasks, priorities, status, timelines, or due dates to any member of the client's team.
  • URL Link Lists:  We can create and share URL links to external Web sites or Web pages and other WorkSite pages.
  • Search Capabilities:  We can provide searching and organizing capabilities based on estimated level of exposure, common issues, location involved, or specific arbitrators.
  • Training:  KMK provides training and/or training manuals for users.  Training typically takes only a few hours and often can be offered in our offices or at client location(s).  Once you have an understanding of the product, it is easy to use and deploy.
  • Security:  KMK understands the importance of security, and we have taken every step to ensure the security on our extranet sites.  Security levels can be assigned to different members or groups and can be secured by the user.  KMK attorneys can discuss and define the security parameters that will be best suited to fulfill clients' needs. 

E-Discovery Task Force Delivers Custom Solutions.  KMK's E-Discovery Task Force is a cross-functional team designed to meet all of our clients’ electronically-stored information (ESI) needs.  The diverse group of interdisciplinary attorneys, paralegals, and IT professionals stays abreast of ever-changing case law and technology, and utilizes a team approach to ensure the most effective and efficient result for clients’ organizations.  The E-Discovery Task Force is experienced in assisting with all types of "e-info" issues, ranging from data management and retention to evaluating, implementing, and managing the most efficient and cost-effective e-discovery litigation strategy.  We do more than just answer questions; we partner with our clients to develop creative solutions that meet their short-term and long-term needs.

Intranet.  KMK utilizes an intranet site to house all firm policies, procedures, and information regarding all departments, practice groups, client and industry teams, etc.  We use our intranet as our central hub of information and communications for all employees, and this allows for the most cost-effective way to share relevant information to all members of the client service team.